Your web browser and your web design mock-ups are about to become the best of friends.

If you're like us, you go to great lengths to make your web site look just like the design mock-up.

Getting that perfect layout transitioned beautifully to HTML and CSS can be a struggle! Don't you just wish you could overlay your mock-up in browser and see the adjustments you need to make, and tweak away until they match? Well so did we. That's why we built maki: a simple app that brings your mock-ups straight into the browser.

So simple.

Just drag the bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar, go to a page where you're working on the HTML/CSS, and click the bookmark. You'll be directed to a version of your site with the Maki toolbar where you can upload the mock-up image, adjust the transparency of the overlay, and reload your changes seamlessly until everything is just right.